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15 Easy Ways to Restore Emotional Balance in Your Life

Do you ever feel like you are on an emotional roller-coaster and your emotions often get the better of you? One day you may feel fine and the next every little thing turns you into an emotional wreck? There are many things which can make us feel emotional on a daily basis including issues in our personal life or wider global events. If you are a sensitive, caring soul then you are more likely to experience emotional ups and downs than most as things will affect you more deeply.

Feeling emotional is a normal part of life but learning ways to restore emotional balance goes a long way to living a happier life with improved feelings of wellbeing. Check out the tips below:

Ways to Restore Emotional Balance

Get sufficient sleep

How is your sleep? If you are not getting sufficient sleep it will make you more likely to feel emotional. Aim to get 7-8 hours if you can. If you are struggling to sleep then download your free sleep guide here.

Keep stress levels down

If you are under a lot of pressure and experiencing stress in your life then this will have a knock on effect on how you handle your emotions too. Look at ways to manage your stress better. You can download a quick guide here.

Have a daily routine

Having a daily routine helps to give you some structure to your day so you are less likely to feel emotionally adrift and pulled in all directions.

Eat healthily and keep hydrated

Avoid eating too much processed food and sugary snacks for obvious health reasons but also to prevent your blood sugar levels from spiking leading to a slump afterwards leaving you more likely to feel emotional. Staying hydrated is also important so drink water fairly regularly through out the day and avoid fizzy sodas.

Spend more time in Nature

If you don't spend much time outdoors in nature then this will have a negative affect on you mentally and emotionally so look for ways to spend more time outdoors. You can download a quick guide here with some ideas.

woman exercising in nature
Spend time outdoor and move more!

Do some physical exercise daily

This has so many benefits for your overall health and well-being and helps to keep you emotionally balanced too. You don't have to take up jogging or join a gym, something simple like going for a brisk walk can help! You might also want to consider including a mind, body spirit practice such as yoga or qi-gong in your daily routine. These really do help to keep you more mentally, physically and emotionally in balance.

Meditate often

This can help you connect to yourself and stay centred and grounded so you are better able to handle your emotions. Meditation also promotes a feelings of calm and wellbeing. If you have never tried meditation before then check out the Meditation for Complete Beginners Course.

Practice Mindfulness

Try to get into the habit of being more mindful in your everyday life. Pay more attention to every day tasks in detail instead of letting your mind wander to anxious thoughts and worries. This can help you to feel calmer and better able to manage your emotions and it can stop spiralling negative thoughts. If you are not sure how to practice Mindfulness then find out more here.

Take time out

Sometimes you just need to take a quiet moment for yourself to re-set and avoid things getting too much, especially if you are going through a difficult time. Make sure you take time for yourself when you need it to avoid becoming emotionally overloaded. If you are in the middle of a hectic day then taking a few minutes to slow down, focus on your breathing and notice how you are feeling can make a difference.

Use calming Essential Oils

Essential oils can be a great way of restoring emotional balance. Add to a diffuser in your home or soak in an aromatic bath. If you are interested in learning more then check out the Aromatherapy for Beginners Course which will also show you the best essential oils to use to restore emotional balance.

Keep a Journal

Journaling your emotions helps you to keep tack of them and also to identify your emotional triggers. There is a specially designed one month Journal for you to complete in relation to your emotions included in the Aromatherapy Beginners Course. You can also make a start with journaling with the FREE journal below.

Be aware of your hormones

Hormonal changes can also cause emotional upheaval especially around pregnancy and the menopause. Keep a track of your monthly cycle too so you are aware of when you are likely to feel more emotional such as a few days before your cycle starts.

Watch your alcohol intake

If you enjoy a drink or two just be aware that alcohol can make you feel more emotional, especially if you over indulge. Plus you are likely to feel more emotional the following day.


Most importantly of all, acknowledge and feel your emotions. The latest research is now discovering that trapped emotions can be stored in every cell of your body. When we store negative emotions or traumatic experiences without processing them they can have a physical effect on our health overtime. Your chakra system will also be affected.

Practice self-compassion

Be kind to yourself and don't beat yourself up for being emotional. It means you are a sensitive human and that can actually be a gift!

In warmth

Sharon K

Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

Reiki Master/Teacher

ps. Reiki can also help to restore emotional balance. You can learn more about Reiki here

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