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9 Important Things You Could be Overlooking With Your Self-care

Make sure you are taking the best care of you

Are you really taking the best care of yourself? You may think you are if you are eating a healthy balanced diet, exercising and getting sufficient sleep - all of these things are essential - but there is so much more you need to consider every day to take the best care of yourself.

Below are a few things to keep in mind:

Honour your thoughts and feelings

Taking the time to honour your thoughts and feelings is part of self-care. Make sure you allow yourself some time every day to tune into yourself and check in with how you are really feeling. Acknowledge whatever comes up for you without judging. Give yourself space to process your emotions when you need it.

Be true to yourself

Are you living in alignment with who you really are or trying to be someone else or please someone else? Being connected to your true self and also being accepting of yourself is part of self-care. You will also find it easier to listen to your inner guidance and make better decisions for yourself too.

hands making heart shape
Be good to yourself

Practice self compassion

Being kind to yourself is a vital part of self-care. Remind yourself that you are a worthy human being and don't beat yourself up over past mistakes, nobody is perfect. Learn how to be your own best friend instead of your worst critic. Become more aware of negative self talk and make a conscious effort to turn this around to be more supportive. Don’t believe every negative thought that comes into your head about yourself.

Give yourself praise

Start to look at some of the good things you have achieved or hurdles you have overcome and give yourself some credit, even for small things. Start to notice the things you do well to give your self esteem a boost. If you are just trying to do the best you can in life then give yourself credit where it is due, you deserve it.

Spend time doing things you enjoy

Taking time to do something you enjoy is part of self-care. This can be anything from a hobby to scheduling time for some pampering, reading a book or watching your favourite TV show. Doing something for you is important.

girl sat on park bench
Take a moment to re-set

Take time out when you need it

Do you take time out when you need it or do you just keep pushing through without consideration for your own well-being. If you are busy with work and taking care of family then you may feel like you can’t afford to take time out but doing so is part of your own self-care as it enables you re-set and unwind. Schedule in some breaks or make sure you stick to work breaks. If you start to feel stress and anxiety building up then take a step back for a moment - go outside for a breath of fresh air or move your body for a few minutes.

Spend time in nature

Spending time in nature should be part of your self-care. Nature nurtures, heals and uplifts us. We are not separate from nature. Go for a walk in the woods, sit on a park bench or your own garden and really pay attention to everything around you with all of your senses. This helps to promote calm, reduces stress and anxiety and is so nourishing for your mind, body and spirit.

Surround yourself with positive supportive people

Part of your self care should include spending time with positive supportive people and having healthy relationships. Avoid spending time with negative, controlling, toxic and unsupportive people who make you feel uncomfortable.

Set boundaries

Don’t let people walk all over you or put unreasonable demands on you. Set your boundaries and respect yourself enough to stick to them even if things get tough. It is OK to say 'no' sometimes. Part of self-care is protecting yourself.

In warmth,

Sharon K

Reiki and Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher

Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

Lincs Holistic Wellness

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