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Enhance the Energy Flow of Your Chakras with Flowers!

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Having interaction with the wonderful high vibrational energy of flowers can also enhance the energy of your Chakras. The Chakras are the main energy centres of your body and your health and wellbeing on all levels is connected to them. When any of your Chakras are blocked, life force energy cannot flow freely and this can affect you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When you get to know your Chakras you will become aware when any of your Chakras are in need of healing and balancing. If you are new to Chakras you can download a free Chakra Guide here to help you.

There are seven main Chakras according to Hindu teachings from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Each Chakra has a colour of the spectrum linked to it and each one is associated with various areas of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. When the energy flow in one becomes blocked it can result in certain symptoms and vice versa. By keeping the Chakras open and the energy flowing, you can maximise your body’s ability to keep well and heal itself.

The wonderful colours of flowers can be used as a form of colour therapy and is a fun way to keep the energy of your Chakras flowing during the spring and summer months when flowers are in abundance. By placing the appropriate colour of flowers to correspond with the particular chakra you feel needs help in a place where you will see them often is the simplest way to enhance the Chakra energy. An example would be red roses or poppies for your Root Chakra, yellow daffodils or sunflowers for your Solar Plexus Chakra or bluebells or blue hydrangeas for your Throat Chakra. There are so many different flowers to choose from!

One way of stimulating energy flow within the Chakras is by a simple visualisation. Focus on the colour related to each Chakra and imagine coloured light pouring into the Chakra and saturating it. You can do this in relation to each Chakra you feel needs attention by using real flowers to focus on in the appropriate colour. Place the followers around your home, in the pure colour of each Chakra. Also, due to the high vibration of flowers, just being surrounded by them can help you feel more energised.

You can also use the pure essential oils of plants to help bring balance and healing to the Chakras. Learn more in the Aromatherapy Complete Beginners Course. Reiki is a very powerful way to remove energetic blockages and restore balance to your Chakra system. Distance Intense Chakra Balancing Reiki Treatments available here.

If you are new to the world of Chakras and want to learn more plus experience a proven and powerful way to bring back balance and remove any blockages within your Chakras then try the 7 Chakra Balancing for Optimal Wellbeing course . This will give you all the information you need to start to understand your Chakras and includes special guided meditations for each Chakra plus a bonus meditation.

Want to discover which of your chakras is out of balance? Take the quick quiz and email it back to me.

In warmth

Sharon K

Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

Chakra Healing and Balancing Practitioner

Reiki Master/Teacher


Information provided for general educational purposes only and not intended to replace medical advice


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