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Easy Ways to Summer-proof Your Spirit for Maximum Well-being



Easy Ways to Summer-proof your spirit for maximum well-being

The mind, body, spirit connection is something you probably don't really think about in relation to your health and well-being, but to be truly happy and healthy all three aspects need to be taken into consideration. You may think you have your mental and physical health under reasonable control but if you are still feeling 'off' or suffering from feelings of stress, anxiety, low mood and low self esteem then it is worth checking-in with your spirit. Below are a few ways to help you cultivate a connection for maximum well-being!

Try the power of meditation to connect back to You

Meditation allows you time and space to slow down and connect back to your inner-self and hear the wisdom of your true voice or spirit. Maybe you feel like you can't afford the time, I would say from personal experience you can't afford not to find the time! If you hate sitting with the silence of your own company then that is a good clue that things are not quite in balance. Meditation takes practice so start with a few minutes and gradually build up to around 20 to feel the benefit.

Yoga does more than give you a flexible summer body!

Yoga is well-known as as mind, body, spirit practice. Focusing on the breath and movement of yoga allows you quieten the mind and to connect back to yourself. If you are feeling a bit disconnected then this will help you plus you will become more toned in the process! Qi-gong and Tai chi are also good as the slow flowing movements allow you to be in the present moment with yourself.

Be a kinder person this summer and feel so much better

During the upheaval and upset caused by the coronavirus pandemic did you notice how there were more acts of kindness around in the world than usual? This definitely lifts the spirits and gives hope of a better future. Maybe cultivating a kinder nature won't solve your problems but you will feel so much better within yourself and who doesn't love a kind soul!

Find your true spirit in nature this summer

Allowing yourself to spend time outdoors in nature has many benefits and it is so good for your spirit. Remember how you felt less constrained and more carefree outdoors as a kid? When you are surrounded by nature you can feel a connection with something greater than yourself. It is also known to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety and boosts your mood.

Use this summer month to find your purpose

When you become aligned with your purpose in life your spirit becomes more free as you can truly be yourself. If you are unhappy with your life at the moment then use this month to look at the things you would love to do and ways in which you could achieve this. Take one small step at a time. Anything is possible when you try.

Nurture your friendships this summer

A true and honest friendship can really make your spirit soar as you feel appreciated and connected to another human being on the same wavelength, so make time to nurture your friendships this summer and hopefully you can share many more summers! If you are not fortunate enough to have good friends around then try joining a group of like minded individuals for company and hopefully a friendship or two will come from that.

Sharon K

Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

Reiki Master/Teacher

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