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Is Energy Healing the Ancient Medicine of the Future?

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

What is Energy Healing?

Different types of energy healing practices have been around throughout different cultures for thousands of years but have often been dismissed by today's modern medicine as out-dated and irrelevant. Now as more doctors and alternative healing therapists are uncovering the true potential of electro-magnetic, light and sound frequency to heal our ‘energy body' more people are starting to take notice. Some in the medical science field are even predicting that this could be the medicine of the future. Treatments such as Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Crystal Therapy and even Qi-gong, to name but a few, are starting to be more common place and accepted as a credible healing modalities.

Ancient indigenous healing practices across the planet had healing approaches based on the body as an energy field. They believed in the existence vital energy (whether “prana” or “qi”) within the body and understood that a persons health and healing comes from manipulating the flow of energy to balance the body’s electro-magnetic field. Western medicine has always been concerned with the physical body with no consideration given to the energy body and as a result it often doesn't address our overall health and healing needs.

New Discoveries for Healing

In today's modern trend towards holistic health and wellness and some disillusionment with Western medicine, particularly with the side effects associated with certain drugs, more and more people are becoming interested in ancient energy healing practices to restore well-being. Even Crystal Therapy is starting to be taken much more seriously these days. There are still sceptics and critics but this could be about to change as medicine and science are starting to confirm that the human body is an electro-magnetic energy field.

Scientists at Seoul National University have confirmed the existence of the body’s meridians and more scientific research is discovering that the body is a complex bio-field of electro-magnetic frequencies and light waves.

Is Energy Healing worth a try?

Energy healing practices such as Reiki, combined with the use of crystals and sound therapy, could be the ancient healing antidote to today's modern stressful lifestyle. Apart from promoting deep relaxation, Reiki energy is regarded as life force energy. When the body takes in more of this energy it is believed that the body's frequency becomes higher, allowing healing to take place on all levels and promoting feelings of well-being.

To help prevent illness and boost overall health and well-being more people are looking at alternative therapies and turning to energy healing practices. At long last we are realising that the human energy field is just as important as the physical body.....but the Ancients knew this all along!

Do you need an Energy Healing Treatment?

It is well worth investigating some of these energy healing practices for yourself, particularly if you your health and well-being is suffering as a result of too much stress in today's hectic world. There are many websites offering valuable information on different types of energy healing practices. You can also find more information and treatments at

Sharon K

Reiki and Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher

Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

Lincs Holistic Wellness

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