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Walk Your Way Back to Health and Wellbeing

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Walking for health and well-being
Try the healing power of walking

Do you feel bombarded with so much information about things you should be doing to maintain your health and well-being? Sometimes it is easy to forget that it is often the simplest of things which can be the most beneficial. A prime example of this is walking. If you are fortunate enough to be able bodied and capable of walking it is easy take it for granted without realising how good it can be for your mind, body and spirit.

Reasons why you should be walking

According to a fairly recent study by the National Academy of Sciences a ninety-minute walk in nature reduces worrying, troublesome thoughts about ourselves and our lives and also reduces the neural activity in parts of the brain linked to mental illness. Walking keeps your bones strong, improves muscle tone and gives your immune system a boost, lowers blood pressure and helps prevent many illnesses. Plus it is an easy activity to do to help maintain a healthy weight, particularly when walking at a brisk pace.

If you have felt like your health and well-being has suffered lately then walking might be one of the best things you can do to start to reclaim your health and life back. Your body will appreciate the exercise, your mind will feel less full of worries and your spirit will feel lighter and brighter. You don't have to run a marathon or pay to join a gym, just move as you were born to.

The Endorphins released in the brain whilst doing exercise such as walking will make you feel more relaxed and calm and help reduce symptoms associated with depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. Try starting with a 15 minute walk every day and gradually build up to longer and you will notice how much better you feel over the next few weeks.

Where to walk for maximum health benefits
Give your well-being a boost in nature

Where to walk

You can walk just about anywhere but obviously try to avoid areas with high traffic congestion and air pollution. The best place to do your walking is in nature. This can be parks, woodland or even near water. Being surrounded by nature has so many benefits for your health and well-being, too many to mention here! Check out my post on The Healing Power of Nature:

When you go for your walk try turning off your phone and disconnecting for a while. Just notice nature all around you with all of your senses for a few minutes without being distracted with anything else. This will help bring your stress levels down and give your nervous system a chance to recover.

One of the main keys to living a healthier happier life is to make time for yourself and make sure that you are moving every day to keep your mind and body healthy. So, do yourself a favour and put on those walking shoes today and walk your way back to better health and well-being!

Sharon K

Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

Reiki Master/Teacher

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Information provided for general educational purposes only and not intended to replace medical advice

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