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How to Choose The Best Healing Crystal for You

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Crystals seem to be everywhere these days and have had a resurgence in popularity over the past couple of years as more of us are drawn to their healing vibrations. Having always been fascinated with crystals this does not come as much of a surprise! It also seems that those of us with a more sensitive nature are most drawn to the energy of the crystals.

There are many ways we can benefit from the positive energy of crystals but the most common is for healing purposes. Ancient Civilisation across the world such as the Egyptians and Sumerians had a great understanding of the crystals and their many different uses and benefits. Even today the Hopi Native Americans of Arizona use quartz crystals to assist in diagnosing illnesses. Quartz is well known to be on of the most powerful crystals around.

How do you know which crystal to choose?

If you feel drawn to crystals but are new to the crystal world it can be quite confusing to know which crystals to choose for our own needs. There are so many crystals available these days and so much different information around it can feel overwhelming. The secret is that you don't have to choose the crystal, you let the crystal choose you! This idea is not as silly as it first seems. Sometimes the best way to choose a crystal is to see which crystal you are drawn to. Your body will respond to a crystal either by sight or feeling. As you find you resonate with a particular crystal then that crystal holds the vibration you need.

​If you are more familiar with the different types of crystals and their properties then you can also choose crystals from the knowledge you have but even so a crystal should still resonate with you on some level.​ Sometimes you may find yourself going into a shop to buy a specific crystal only to find that you leave with something completely different. This is one of the great things about crystal energy!

Please be aware that crystals bought for healing purposes firstly require cleansing and charging ready for use. You can download your free guide here to help you

How do you know if a crystal is genuine?

There are many crystals on the market, not all of which are genuine. It is good idea to check the authenticity of the place selling the crystals to ensure they are genuine (only then will you receive their healing benefits). Anyone who sells crystals and also work with crystals for healing purposes are a safer option as they should have already done their research to find genuine crystals. Some gift shops sell cheap 'crystals' which may just be coloured glass, unless they are more specialised in selling crystals. The same goes for online suppliers, there are so many who are not offering genuine crystals. Also be aware if the crystals have been sustainably sourced.​

Feel free to visit the crystal shop for a small selection of genuine, sustainably sourced, Reiki charged healing crystals and bracelets. If you are still unsure which crystal you need then you are welcome to get in touch with the reason why you want a crystal and I will be happy to help you choose the one most suitable for you .

For more information about crystals visit

Crystal Blessings

Sharon K

Reiki and Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher

Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

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