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How to use Essential Oils safely

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Essential oils have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Unfortunately the cases of harm being caused by the incorrect use of essential oils has also increased. Essential oils are extremely concentrated in nature and as such need to be used with caution so you can enjoy their many benefits without putting yourself or others in danger. Below are some safety guidelines to keep in mind before you start using essential oils.


  • Do not use essential oils internally unless under the guidance of a practitioner.

  • Do not apply neat oils directly to skin; dilute with carrier oil (exceptions are mild essential oils that have a history of safety such as lavender).

  • Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes and sensitive skin.

  • Do not use citrus oils before you are exposed to UV light.

  • Use only pure essential oils (avoid synthetic fragrances).

  • Do not use essential oils on animals, babies, infants, children, pregnant women, the elderly, or those with serious health problems, without advice.

  • Avoid prolonged exposure without ventilation when using a diffuser and avoid leaving animals in a room with a diffuser in use.

  • Store essential oils and carrier oils correctly to avoid degradation and rancidity (dark-coloured, well-sealed, glass bottles away from direct heat and light)

  • Keep in mind the shelf life. All oils should keep well for a year and some for two to three years but this is greatly reduced if mixed with a carrier oil. Always keep out of reach of children and animals.

Now that you are armed with the appropriate guidelines then go ahead and enjoy the many benefits essential oils can bring to enhance your life and well-being, safety.

Check out for more information about essential oils and aromatherapy.

Sharon K

Reiki Master/Teacher

Holistic Health and Wellness Coach



Information is a guide only. Always do your own research

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