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7 Easy Ways to Nurture Yourself and the Planet this Spring

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Woman sat in wildflower field in spring
Nurture your Mind, Body and Spirit in Nature

Easy ways to nurture yourself and the planet this Spring

Spring is a time of new growth, new energy and renewal. Use this time to re-connect with yourself and nature all around you to give your wellbeing a boost. If you have been through a tough time lately then try to let go of the past few months and focus on new ways to nurture yourself and the planet naturally this month. It doesn't have to be anything major, every little helps! Below are a few things you can do:

healthy salad
Eat healthily and feel good from the inside out!

Eat with the season

Give your eating habits an overhaul by reducing processed foods and meat consumption and including more locally produced seasonal fresh fruits, vegetables and salads into your diet (or grow your own!) This is the most natural way to support your health and wellbeing this season whilst also supporting the planet.

Spring Clean your home

Now is a the perfect time of year to 'spring clean' your home and remove any stagnant energy that may have built up. Clear out clutter, mend anything that is broken instead of buying new or recycle, re-organise a few things to ring the changes, wash or freshen up soft furnishings, let light and fresh air fill your living environment as much as possible and you will feel better. You can also bring the outdoors in with fresh spring flowers (but save a few for the wildlife too!)

give yourself a new look
Give yourself an upgrade

Overhaul your look

If your look has gone a bit down hill with lockdown then spring is a great time to give yourself a fresh new look. You don’t have to go out and buy new clothes either - re-arrange your wardrobe and look at different ways to mix and match the things you already have. If you do want new then shop in a sustainable way for the planet by considering how and where the clothes were produced. The good news is that the hairdressers are open again so you can treat yourself to a new hair do....yay!

Spend more time exercising outdoors

If you have spent far too much time sat indoors during the winter months its time to look for more ways to get moving outdoors. Your don’t have to get in a car and travel miles to do this either. A simple walk in a green space in your local area will do wonders for your health and wellbeing on all levels. You could go even further and include more vigorous exercise such as running or cycling to get even more of a wellness boost.

Re-connect with nature

Now the warmer months of spring are here there it is the perfect opportunity to re-connect with nature. Notice the new life and vibrant energy all around you, feel the sun on your face, stand barefoot on the ground and connect with the earth's energy. When you become disconnected from nature your health and wellbeing will suffer. If you have some garden space then plant a few wild flowers to support nature too.

Wake up earlier

Take advantage of the lighter spring mornings by waking up earlier (if you have pets in the household you are probably doing this anyway!) This helps to keep you connected to the rhythms of nature. In winter it is more natural to need to sleep in with the cold, dark mornings. When you get into a regular routine it sets your internal clock and it can make your quality of sleep better. It can also improve your mental health and give you more time to get things done instead of feeling rushed all day.

Re-connect with yourself

Take a few moments to re-connect with yourself this spring. Ask yourself how you are really feeling, be honest and listen to your inner guidance. Is it time to introduce something new into your life or is there something you can let go of that is no longer serving you? Be true to you.

Also ask yourself if there is one small thing you can change in your own life to go towards protecting the planet. Small things can make a big difference.

Wishing you a happy healthy spring!

In warmth,

Sharon K

Reiki and Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher

Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

Lincs Holistic Wellness

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